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Vision Card (Innovation Accelerator)

min. 2 project members
1 hour
  • Digital whiteboard: Miro or Mural OR shared document (e.g., MS Teams)
  • Video conferencing: Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.
Best Practices

Explanation of the method

The vision card assists you in crystallizing the vision for your solution. In addressing eight straightforward questions, you will gather sufficient information to compose a vision statement. The vision card asks for identifying the target audience, specifying the solution, outlining ideas for revenue generation, establishing credibility by addressing potential reasons for success or failure, formulating the next steps, and highlighting the top four features of the solution.


  1. Start by filling our the vision card individually. First, take a look at the upper half of the vision card. Start by sketching your solution first, so that everyone can easily understand and remember what the concept entails.
  2. Summarize who your persona is. Who are you targeting?
  3. Describe the main pains, gains, and goals this persona has.
  4. Describe what you would like to offer to your persona.
  5. Draft first ideas, how you can generate the benefit you desire (e.g. generate impact, money etc.)
  6. Align on the form of credibility which will proof that your idea will work.
  7. Then discuss the critical scenarios that would make your vision fail.
  8. Define next steps that you want to undertake.
  9. Align on the top features/elements of your offering.
  10. Lastly, define the value proposition statement for your project.
  11. After each project member has filled out the vision card individually, share your vision cards.
  12. Vote on the preferred elements of the different vision cards individually. For example, start by voting for the preferred sketch by placing a dot per person on the vision card with the best sketch. Repeat so for the other elements.
  13. Create a final vision card that encompasses all the best segments.


  1. clarifies the vision and to maintain focus on key aspects
  2. vision statement can serve as a valuable tool for gathering feedback early in the development process, helping to refine and improve the solution
  3. effective in terms of time and resources


  1. might encourage too much emphasis on specific details early in the process which may limit creative thinking or flexibility in the later stages
  2. relying solely on a vision card may lead to an incomplete understanding of the complex nature of a project

Advice from practice

  1. Be specific when filling out the vision card, prevent too broad or general statements that can easily lead to misunderstandings.
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