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Communication Road Map

min. 2 project members
3 hours
  • Digital whiteboard: Miro or Mural OR shared document (e.g., MS Teams)
  • Video conferencing: Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.
Best Practices

Explanation of the method

  1. Define the project's core idea and emphasize key outcomes and benefits
  2. Assess available communication channels, match them with personas, and select those best suited for effective communication
  3. Develop a communication strategy by defining the key message through identifying the target audience, and highlighting project benefits repectively for each key message
  4. Create a comprehensive communication roadmap, aligning communication activities with project events and milestones throughout the year
  5. Set up a customer journey, aligning communication measures with user motivations and identifying emotional touchpoints; and continuously review and adapt the communication strategy based on feedback staying agile throughout the project lifecycle


  1. The communication roadmap ensures strategic alignment by clearly defining project goals, key messages, and target audiences
  2. A well-structured roadmap facilitates targeted and engaging communication strategies, fostering increased stakeholder engagement
  3. Method ensures the inclusion and engagement of target personas, tailoring messages to their preferences and need


  1. Implementing a detailed roadmap can be resource-intensive
  2. roadmap may run the risk of information overload, overwhelming stakeholders with too much communication content
  3. static nature, lacking the flexibility required to adapt to changing project dynamics or unforeseen challenges

Advice from practice

  1. Consider applying the communication roadmap method when the foundational key messages and personas have been validated
  2. Involve key stakeholders in the creation and validation of the communication roadmap
  3. Establish a regular evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of the communication roadmap. Adapt the roadmap if necessary.
  4. Carefully select the partners involved in the development process. The more members are involved the more difficult it can be to find a consensus.
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