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FH Münster University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971 out of eight public and private schools and has developed into a modern, achievement-oriented university. The university has approximately 15.000 students and 400 staff and is one of the most important institutions of its kind in Germany. Every day at FH Münster, new ideas and knowledge are generated in the higher education landscape. FH Münster believes that only through direct and reciprocal exchange with actors from business, culture and society can innovations emerge that ensure prosperity and quality of life.

The Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC) is an integral part of the Münster School of Business at FH Münster. Acting globally, the S2BMRC is a world-leading centre dedicated to interactions between Science and Business & Science and Society. Our name tells a whole story: The S2BMRC team researches and analyses science markets and develops strategies, tools and instruments for market research, including research outputs, capacities, competencies, expertise and facilities. Furthermore, we offer consulting services to the business community on marketing strategies that aim at precisely knowing the needs of customers to develop and produce products according to these needs. In recent years, the centre has focused primarily on innovation and the many facets of entrepreneurship.

Our research centre is highly international in various dimensions. The team itself consist of 18 different nationalities, the partner structure covers five continents and all 33 countries in Europe, and we have carried out projects in 64 countries worldwide.

Our Mission: People development through driving Science-to-Business and driving Science-to-Business through people development for long-term impact!

Our Vision: To increase Science-to-Business! We do this by creating and disseminating university-business cooperation knowledge to every organization working with us (and beyond)!

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