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Meridaunia, established in 1998, is a joint limited liability Consortium, with legal offices in Bovino (FG) in the Municipio Square, 2.

It’s formed of partners belonging to the public sector, including 29 Municipalities of the Monti Dauni and the Municipality of Lucera, the University of Foggia, the Foggia Chamber of Commerce and private companies representing civil society and the world of local entrepreneurship. The mission of the Meridaunia is to be a real “Development Agency '' for the territory, with the overall function of supporting the development and the creation of businesses and jobs. The institutional work of the Meridaunia consists in drawing up and carrying out strategies for the development of the territory through the involvement of the greatest possible number of local socioeconomic actors (public and private) as well as the local community. It is composed of a president and a director and a paid staff including six persons.

The mission of Meridaunia, is to be a real "Development Agency" of the territory, with an overall function of support to the development and creation of enterprise and work.

The institutional task of Meridaunia consists essentially in the elaboration and implementation of development strategies of the territory, through the involvement of the largest number of local socio-economic actors (public and private) as well as local communities.


Michele Alessandro d’Alsazia

Michele Alessandro d'Alsazia graduated in Development and International Cooperation at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna and is attending the Master's course in Management of Social Economy at the same University. In Meridaunia he coordinates projects for sustainable development in the main economic sectors of the territory, the agri-food sector. He manages projects based on the improvement of managerial capacities for third sector organisations that are able to guide generative development processes within communities. He coordinates projects for the increase of sustainable and innovative youth entrepreneurship, offering his expertise in sustainable and responsible business planning. 

Angela Maria Loporchio

Angela Maria Loporchio, Degree in International Relationships and European Studies, second degree in Local Development. Master in Public European Relationships.

Project manager and coordinator in Meridaunia since 12 years, responsible of European Projects Area and coordinator of Cooperation projects.

EU Project manager and coordinator in Youmanity, London and in San Giuseppe Onlus (NGO). Cooperation Projects implementation in India (Tamil Nadu) and in Finland (Oulu)

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