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European HEIs are increasingly becoming socially engaged and thereby increasing their role regarding regional and social development.

Although this increase is excellent there is always room for improvement!

Therefore the CoCreAid project aims to emphasise civil responsibility. The CoCreAid project will have a direct impact on SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT by connecting NGOs from RURAL AREAS with HEIs. This will address SOCIAL CHALLENGES and address NEEDS OF CITZIENS FROM RURAL AREAS while providing INCLUSION. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, social and physical distance, co-creation between HEIs and NGOs are hampered.

Consequently, the actual aim of promoting social progress and overcoming social challenges cannot be achieved. This is because social challenges can be overcome jointly through co-creation projects between HEIs  and NGOs.  Indeed, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic further destabilises already ongoing co-creation projects and creates barriers between higher education institutions and the rest of society.

Research conducted by MUAS have shown that due to the pandemic situation, a large number of co-creation projects fail due to a lack of appropriate methods and tools for collaborations. Therefore, a digital CoCreAid Kit could support the collaboration between HEIs and NGOs to overcome these barriers and to continue and strengthen the cooperations. Depending on the course of the project, individual co-creation methods help to overcome transfer barriers. This will be done by providing a graphical user interface (GUI) with digital co-creation tools.  Co-creation tools are methods that enable the co-creation activities along the whole process of co-creation, in consideration of the characteristics and barriers of cocreation projects.

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