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Easy ways to be a more engaged citizen

1. Stay up to date on (local) politics

Knowledge is power, so make sure to stay informed on what happens around you. Read the local newspaper or the town newsletter with your Sunday morning breakfast. Follow local politicians on social channels and, if you want, ask questions directly.

2. Volunteer in your community

Get your hands dirty if you can! Every small act of volunteering goes a long way. After all, you’re directly impacting the existence of important organisations, charities and individuals in your city or municipality.

3. Share your ideas and spark the debate

Is your city or municipality launching a digital citizen participation project? Great! That means that your administration is actively asking for your input. After all, who knows better what a community needs than its citizens?

4. VOTE!

We get the chance to let our voices be heard every couple of years at the ballot box. It might not feel very impactful when you’re checking the name or party of your choice, but the importance of casting your vote can’t be understated.

5. Check your privilege and create space

Almost every person in this world is born with a certain amount of privilege. That means that they have a special advantage over certain other people or groups. Get informed on topics that don’t affect you directly, and create space for voices that aren’t heard as often in your community.

6. Scratch that cultural itch

Going to the library, visiting a local museum or heading to a concert isn’t just fun and enriching, it’s also beneficial for your community as a whole. Cultural organisations enable local people to read, write, and appreciate arts and music in an inclusive and accessible way.

7. Support local businesses

Instead of shopping in bigger chains, try spending your hard-earned money at a local business. It’ll make your community flourish!

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