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The methodological approach must neither neglect the scientific requirements nor the suitability for society. It must remain attractive and comprehensible for societal stakeholders and at the same time be methodologically rigorous since society-based research must always face questions regarding validity, credibility and objectivity.

It can be observed that the methodological approach in developing scientific knowledge primarily satisfies the scientific publication (Kurzhals et al., 2021, in reference to Simpson, 2002) and neglects the suitability for the societal actors. Especially in research projects involving societal actors, there is a particular need for methodologically rigorous approaches, because the field of society-based research must continuously face challenging questions regarding validity, credibility, and objectivity (Kurzhals et al., 2021, in reference to Israel et al., 1998). Thus, the demands on the methodological approach of transdisciplinary research increase, because it must not neglect the scientific requirements of the research nor the suitability for the societal actors (Kurzhals et al., 2021).

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