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Result 01

Digital solution report

This report will be based on in-depth interviews with academics & NGOs and a systematic examination of existing literature. Through a two step analysis consisting of a systematic search in the literature and in depth interviews, crucial success factors for appropriate and digital opportunities can be solidified. The report will provide a solid basis for the development of the Graphical User Interface.

Result 02

CoCreAid Kit 40

This will be comprised of an easy to use Graphical User Interface which will offer different selection options and guide users to the individual co-creation methods depending on their needs and their project progress.

The CoCreAid Kit will in-crease the readiness of academics and co-creation project managers from NGOs to use digital cocreation methods.

Result 03

Pilot Test and Validation report

This result is concerned with pilot testing the digital CoCreAid Kit. Validations will be produced in the form of a report and this validation will be used for further improvement of the Kit.

This result will allow us to address user specific issues ensuring that our Graphical User Interface and Kit and of the highest standard.

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